Company Profile

Luanchuan Hengkai Metallurgical Material Sales Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014 and is located in the central plains of western Henan.

Luanchuan County, Luoyang, known as the "Molybdenum Capital of China" with beautiful scenery and rich mineral resources, occupies the advantage of "geographical location" and has fully realized the logistics and distribution strategy of network layout, full-line supply and overall deployment. Achieve a short delivery time, excellent service, convenient and fast customer commitment.

"Hengkai Metallurgy" specializes in high-grade pyrite (iron sulfide, pyrite, copper removal agent, sulfur enhancer) is a production-oriented manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. The company has a rich pyrite mountain and has established a long-term and stable raw material supply relationship with several large and medium-sized domestic pyrite mining enterprises.

"Hengkai Metallurgy" has carried out industry-university-research cooperation with "Dalian Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Academy of Sciences, Zhengzhou University, Wuhan University, Central South University" and many other scientific research institutions, and has strong strength in independent research and development, design, production, and testing., Independent research and development of modern automatic drying lines, forming an annual production capacity of 50000 tons of sulfur iron, copper removal agent, sulfur enhancer, iron sulfide, tin and titanium alloy sand series products.

"Hengkai Metallurgy" passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification in 2018, and currently has 12 patents such as ferrosulfide, copper removal agent and sulfur enhancer. In 2021, it was rated as "national high-tech enterprise", "Luoyang municipal science and technology research and development center", "innovative small and medium-sized enterprises", "provincial specialized and special new enterprises", and was rated as "AAA level of national contract and trustworthy enterprise". Word-of-mouth products include iron sulfide, sulfur enhancer, copper removal agent and iron sulfide. At present, 18 product specifications are developed, which are respectively used in 9 industries of high sulfur steel, casting, lead smelting, sewage treatment, resin grinding wheel, brake pad, soil improvement lithium battery cathode material and wear-resistant floor. Products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries.

Innovation wins, focus is one, the company takes customer satisfaction with the "Hengkai Metallurgical" brand as an indicator, and adheres to the principle of "thinking for customers, paying attention to product quality, and bringing value to customers. Always adhere to the "professional, high quality, integrity, mutual benefit" business philosophy, dedicated to provide customers with value.