Technical Breakthrough of New Copper Removal Agent

Release time:2023-11-15

The traditional method of removing copper mainly uses chemical leaching, which causes serious environmental pollution and waste of resources. In order to solve this problem, the company's R & D team has successfully developed this copper removal agent for many years using advanced physical separation technology and green chemistry principles.

According to reports, this copper removal agent is mainly composed of several special materials, including a new type of ionic liquid. This ionic liquid has strong solubility and selectivity, and can quickly adsorb and separate the copper ions in the waste cable. Compared with the traditional chemical leaching method, the separation efficiency of the copper removal agent is increased by nearly 30%, and the operation is simple and the cost is lower.

In addition to separating copper metal, this copper removal agent also has environmental characteristics. Due to the use of physical separation technology, the agent will not produce any harmful gases or waste water, zero pollution to the environment. At the same time, the raw materials of the agent are natural non-toxic substances, and there is no harm to the operator.

According to relevant statistics, the recycling rate of waste cables in China is low, and a large amount of copper resources are wasted. The research and development and promotion of this copper removal agent will help to improve the recycling efficiency of waste cables and promote the recycling of resources, which is of great significance to the protection of the environment and the conservation of resources.

Once the copper removal agent was released, it attracted the attention and purchase intention of many metal products enterprises. It is reported that the company has cooperated with a number of enterprises to apply copper removal agent to the recycling of waste cables and achieved remarkable results. By using this copper removal agent, these companies not only increase the recovery rate of copper metal, but also reduce production costs, and achieve a win-win situation for economic and environmental benefits.

In the field of copper removal agent, the innovation ability and technical strength of Chinese enterprises have become increasingly prominent. In the future, this copper removal agent is expected to be rapidly promoted in the domestic and foreign markets, bringing new changes to the waste cable recycling industry. At the same time, its successful research and development also provides a strong reference and inspiration for innovation in other metal recycling fields.

It is understood that the company's R & D team is constantly working hard to develop environmentally friendly metal separators and make greater contributions to resource recovery and recycling. It is believed that under the promotion of technological innovation, China's metal recycling industry will usher in new development opportunities and make greater contributions to sustainable development.

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